Cazare la Pensiunea Perla Moeciului 4*
Pensiunea Perla Moeciului
tel. 0744-484432
tel. 0745-019065
Pensiunea Perla Moeciului este clasificata la 4 margarete si se gaseste la 3 km de Castelul Bran, bucatarie utilata, sala de mese, Team Building, parcare, loc de joaca copii, Foisor.

Cazare Moeciu Pensiuni Moeciu



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Hypatia Posted on Some years ago, perhaps 2005, I atedetnd one of the JAR free events our of curiosity. I decided not to sign up for his costly events. He was quite persuasive, even intimidating to get people to sign up. I remember him saying things that essentially meant if you were not bold enough to take control of your life you'd have to settle for being a loser and not getting much out of life. I found it rather insulting, actually. I was glad I didn't sign up. I had other uses for the money I had, and I didn't wish to reward someone who talked down to his audience with such arrogance as he exhibited that evening. I am sad for those who lost their lives. I am also not all that surprised to hear the testimony of those present who also spoke of his arrogance. I feel like I dodged a bullet by not caving in to his threats of living a failed life if I didn't sign up for his expensive courses. Thank you for a very interesting inside track read on the proceedings in court. I am quite curious how this will all shake out at sentencing. He deserves a comeuppance.
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